Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween III

I posted all these pictures to show everyone how my daughter has progressed from fairy tales to gothic horror over the years in her taste for Halloween costumes. She inherited her love of dress up on Halloween from me as you can see from the pictures.

The vampires are my daughter Shannon and her boyfriend Will. Then you can see pictures of me in costume as "Miss Piggy," and her side-kick "Kermit," "Cleopatra," "Witchy Poo," "Homey, the Clown," and "Mimi," from the Drew Carey Show. One of the pictures of Mimi was taken with "Rick and Bubba," the radio talk show hosts. The other pictures of Mimi are with my "ex" dressed as Drew Carey of course, and one with a host of goblins from work. Other costumes that I don't have pictures of, I dressed up as, "The Court Jester," "Dinner for Two," and "Scarlett O'Horror." Hope you like looking at all the pics.

Trick or Treat y'all...

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Shannon said...

Who are those Hotties? lol. I sure have grown up a lot.