Monday, October 03, 2005

As the saying goes, "No News is Good News!"

Today was such a mild, bland day in the life of this country girl that I don't really have anything to post.

Alright, I know all of you are disappointed, but some days it's just gonna happen.

I worked from home today and other than a package being delivered by DHL, the garbage being picked up, the mail being delivered and a ton of telemarketer calls, it was a very bland, vanilla kind of day. I fed the chickens and the puppies and that was about it.

So until tomorrow...

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Jennifer said...

Hey Debbie
I am trying to read each day but I have missed a couple days of reading. But I will catch up and you are doing a great job of journaling.
When are you coming to town?
Whe you do we need to go to eat or something.