Thursday, October 27, 2005

Lizard in the laundry room

I found a lizard in the laundry room or maybe I should say it found me. I can't decide who froze in one position for the longest amount of time, me or the lizard. It finally twitched it's tail, which threw me into high gear. Clothes went up in the air as I went flying out of the room, yelling for Eddie to come get the lizard. He leisurely walked in and picked it up by it's tail and took it outside. He said that he would not kill it because lizards kill bugs and that is a pet peeve of his, bugs!

I don't know why such a small scaly-skinned reptile can reek such havoc in my heart, but I somehow inevitably let the critters get to me. I am so glad Eddie was able to catch it, so now I can go wash the clothes. If he had not caught it, I might have had to start wearing dirty clothes. LOL (just kidding).

Another little drama in the life of...this 'ole country girl.

Hope you have a good evening.

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