Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My crazy free-range chicken, Henny Penny!

I have approximately 24 laying chickens. Very early on one of the chickens was being pecked by some of the other chickens in the pen and I decided to let her run free, so they would not peck her to death, as chickens will do.

I named the crazy chicken, Henny Penny. She wanders all around the yard and roosts at night on top of the chicken pen. She likes to eat dog food and is not scared of my three dogs in the least. She sticks her head in their pen trying to eat their food. She actually likes to harass the dogs as much as she can.

One day, I could not locate Henny Penny. I called and called and I could not find her anywhere. I assumed the worst that a dog, fox, or hawk had gotten her. I was walking back up to the house when I saw the chicken feed sack we had sitting on the front porch wiggle. I was first mindful that it might be a chicken snake, but then thought better of it, because if it had been a chicken snake it would have been in the chicken house eating eggs, not rummaging around in the feed sack. So I looked inside and there sat Henny Penny. I could not fathom why she would be sitting in the feed sack. Later that day, my husband, Eddie went out to the front porch and looked in the sack and found an egg.

My crazy free-range chicken has started laying her eggs in the chicken feed sack. She sits in the sack and pecks at the food while she lays her eggs. Don't that just beat all. I thought ya'll would not believe me, so I took a picture. Above is a picture of my crazy chicken in the feed sack.

So don't count your chickens, until you look in the feed sack...


Shannon said...

Momma! That is the cutest picture! I was giving some people the site so they could look at this pic...Henny Penny is a mess!

Renee said...

Okay, that is just too funny. I have got to show this to Ross when I get home. He will love it.

Rachael said...

hey! i love the pictre of you and MawMaw!