Sunday, October 30, 2005

How did you spend your day today?

I spent my day picking up, cracking, and shelling pecans. Most of the pecans have not even fallen off the trees yet, and we have fifteen trees. I have picked up two 5 gallon buckets full under just two of the trees.

I understand that this is a good year for our pecan trees. I am going to try and keep up with how many buckets we pick up. There is a company nearby which put up signs at the end of the road noting that they would buy pecans. We may check into how much they will pay. A guy at the co-op told me that you can get up to 70 cents per pound unshelled/cracked. I think that would mean a good windfall, but I like to keep them. Good for cooking (especially fudge and divinity).

We are going to watch "Million Dollar Baby" tonight. We joined Netflix. I like it so far. For $9.99/month we get one movie at a time and we can keep the movie as long as we want with no late fee. Then when we send it back we get another movie from our queue. I have 48 movies in our queue. We try to watch the movie as soon as possible so we can see as many movies in the month as possible to get our money's worth. We are ordering pizza pie.

So here's pie in your eye...(pecan pie or pizza pie, take your choice)


Renee said...

Your movie sounds like fun, the cracking of pecans is not (smile).

Shannon said...

Dad and Karen watched it the same day y'all did (Million Dollar Baby). They said it was good. That's odd too...anywayz.