Friday, September 30, 2005

I will be reading all weekend (when I am not watching Alabama beat Florida, South Carolina beat Auburn and Ole Miss beat Tennessee)

I thought I might get some scrappin' done this weekend, but my dear hubby reminded me that three (count 'em), three good college ball games will be on television tomorrow. Of course, I will be watching Alabama (ROLL TIDE!), but I am hoping that Spurrier beats Tubby and Ole Miss beats Tennessee. If I have to listen to Rocky Top one more time I am really gonna puke!

I went to Books-A-Million and purchased six books. I will be off work October 10th, hopefully I will not have read all of them by then. If I have any books left, that holiday will be spent reading and relaxing. I am really waiting on the new Dean Koontz book, but since he just published one last month, I think it will be December before the new one comes out. Sounds like a good Christmas present, doesn't it. I can't wait.

Maybe I can slip in some play time creating a couple of scrapbook pages, but I don't want to get too much going on this weekend, or it might start sounding to much like work, now wouldn't it.

Hope everyone is doing fine. Keep it real, folks!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Whaddya know, the oral surgeon sent me home without taking out my tooth.

Dr. Ingalls first did a consult with me regarding my tooth. He examined the tooth and looked at x-rays. He said that since I was not hurting and the x-ray did not look all that alarming, he was going to hold off doing surgery, until he knows the tooth is in need of extracting.

He advised me to leave off the anti-biotic and to see if that would cause the infection and pain to return. He indicated that if I started to hurt again to contact him and he would work me in to have the tooth pulled.

So far, the experience with Dr. Ingalls has been like, dodging a bullet (whew!!!), but I don't know when the next shot will be fired. Stay tuned.

Asta la vista. baby.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Good Day!

I worked, went to the store, talked with my daughter by telephone, fed and played with my puppies, and shared time with my hubby. We are going to watch a movie together tonight. I think that is considered a very good day!

Tomorrow is another matter, I am scheduled for oral surgery in the morning. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly, but because I may not feel so good tomorrow, I may not be able to type a post. If I do not post tomorrow, then Friday I will let everyone know how everything went.

I am gonna go get ready for the movie. See ya'll later. Take care and have a good one.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Well! Will wonders never cease! The lawnmower repairman has arrived!

This is the continuing saga in the story of the broken lawnmower. My machine is a prima-dona Husqvarna lawn tractor and I wish we had never purchased her in the first place. She doesn't ride very well and, for that matter, she has only been used three times since we bought her in March of this year. She has continuously broken down on us too easily.

We have had trouble with her from the beginning, but now that the repairman is here, maybe he will be able to fix her. I can only hope. Eddie is out there with the repairman right now, talking over the prospect of having to haul her in to the shop or the possibility that he can fix her on the spot. I believe the repairman will have to take her in. Maybe he will just keep her. I know I don't want her. Lowe's could just give me my money back and I would be satisfied.

Eddie just came in and said the repair guy will have to order a new transaxle, because the one being replaced was probably faulty right from the factory. Dosen't sound too good, does it? Well Husqvarna and Lowe's will have their reprieve for the day, but if the new transaxle does not ultimately fix her, there will be H-E-double hockey sticks to pay. We will just have to wait and see.

In other news, Eddie has started building the foundation for his shop in between finishing up a cabinet job and I am working from home today and tomorrow, then I will have oral surgery on Thursday. Eddie is going to take off to take me because they are putting me under anesthesia (and under the knife). Gee, that sounds a little bit scary. Please wish me luck that all goes well in that respect. I don't like dentists very much.

Even considering what lies ahead, I am in a somewhat laid back mood today which you might find rare (not on my soapbox today, LOL), and although I am relaxed and in no hurry to do much of anything, I do have to get my work done, so sayonara for now.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Eddie and the Red Baron. I hope you didn't think I meant the pizza!

If I had to say what Eddie's true life's passion was I would say in all certainty it is building and flying RC and free flight airplanes. He has several models in the works, as well as, some of his dad's older models.

He has built and flown several since we got married, not to mention, that he has crashed a couple. We go out in the hayfield when it is not windy and fly them around a time or two. He had one crash-land on top of the gazebo, which took it out of commission, but he was able to save the engine. He told me that nowadays the engines are expensive.

If you looked in his model room you would see every size piece of balsa wood ever made. He has wheels and propellers and the like. It is a fun hobby for him.

He also likes to fish. Maybe I can catch a few pictures of him fishing to show you some other time.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Another Sunday Afternoon!

Eddie's out in the yard and I just started a load of clothes to wash. I need to go wash the dishes, but I will get to them a little later. Before I started writing this post, I was in between reading a fictional novel and dozing off asleep.

I want to go outside and take some pictures, but it is too hot and it also keeps popping up a drizzle of rain every now and then (which actually makes it more steamy).

As I said, there are household chores to be done, or I could be scrapbooking or making jewelry or reading, but none of those things seem to be quite what I want to do right now. I could even go bake a cake for that matter or go fly a kite! But instead I sit here in front of the computer. In a minute, I will figure out what I want to do for the rest of the day, but for right now, I will just sit here.

Hope everybody has a good day!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Roll Tide!

Way to go Bama! The team came through yet again. 4/0 on the season! Next week is Florida, let's tear 'em up! What a way to spend Saturday. Roll Tide!!!!!

I don't know about the rest of the state, but it is raining here. One more good thing to make my day.

Eddie and I are making Pepper Pot Stew today (with cornbread muffins) and I just know when my dear daughter reads this post she will wish that she were here to share it with us. If I hint that we might even make a pecan pie, do you think she might decide to take a quick trip home? Is this the only way I can tempt my dear girl to come home for a visit?

Friday, September 23, 2005

Being playful!

Here is a comical picture of my dear hubby! He likes to be playful and funny with me and I love catching him at it. I don't think he wanted me taking this picture, but he doesn't always get his way.

We were in the backyard looking at the wild onions and he just pulled up a handful and said that this was his imitation of a guy with a handlebar moustache. I told him he looked more like Groucho Marx. I don't think he liked that comparison.

Stay tuned as I will be posting more cute pictures of my family soon (whether they like it or not).

Oh by the way, I had a good day at work today and everything went quite smoothly. I hope we get a little bit of rain.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Beautiful landscape!

If everyone is tired of hearing about bad weather and looking at tragic pictures of land and property destroyed by hurricanes as much as I am, then here are some beautiful landscape pictures of some of my 15 acres.

There are pictures of the hayfield behind my house, a picture of the unfinished gazebo, and pictures of beautiful clouds above it. This is what I see when I am sitting in my gazebo gazing out at the landscape. Looking at this makes me feel so relaxed and so serene. This is what I call home sweet home!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

It's Hot, but the weatherman says the heat (high pressure system) is the only thing keeping Hurricane Rita from heading our way.

It's hot!!! We haven't had any rain in weeks and my azaleas are drying up. The grass crunches under my feet and when I go outside it feels as if the air is on fire.
It's hard to breathe.

Thank God for this hot weather and the high pressure system sitting over the northern gulf coast. From what the weatherman said that is probably the only thing keeping Hurricane Rita headed for Texas and keeping it from making a beeline for my area.

It's already a Category 4 Major Hurricane and could become a Cat 5 before it reaches land on Friday or Saturday. I will be praying for the people along the coastline of Texas. I used to live in San Antonio, and have visited Corpus Christi and Houston. It would be another tragedy if this storm causes damage like Katrina did in MS and LA.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Don't Get Me Started!

My husband and I bought a Husqvarna lawn tractor in March of this year. We used it twice and then one of the belts broke. First, it was a hassle to find the telephone number I should call in the manual. Then when I located the correct telephone number, it took forty forevers to speak to a person and not a voice recording. When I was finally connected to someone, she indicated that it would be seven days later before the replacement belt could be delivered and I would be out another $55.00, on top of the amount I had already spent on the mower. We didn't receive the replacement belt until four weeks later.

When the belt finally arrived, Eddie took time to replace the belt. He then used the mower one time and noticed that it had started leaking oil. Eddie told me that he thought there was something wrong with the crankshaft.

So I called and set up a repairman to come look at the mower. The repairman was supposed to have come today, but lo and behold, he had a personal emergency and was not available. (Maybe, he truly had a personal emergency, but then again, maybe he just wanted to lay off the job today.) Hence, the repair company called and wanted to reschedule for October 4th (that is their earliest date to reschedule). It seems because we are in a RURAL AREA, the repairman is only in the area once a week.

I asked the person calling why could I not be rescheduled for next week. He indicated that he was already booked for next week. I told him that I had called in and set up my appointment earlier than the people scheduled for next week and that my repair service should come before theirs (first come, first serve). I told the guy I was very upset and that I wanted someone out next week and that he should bump the people that had called in after I did for an appointment back one week, instead of putting me at the end of the line.

He stated he could not do that and that I would have to call a 1-800# to see if they could reschedule me sooner. Well, I'm sure you've heard this kind of story before, because inevitably, the 1-800# guy said the earliest appointment that he had available was October 4th (No Kidding)! I told him this was unacceptable. He said that he would have to get Customer Service to call me, since I was suggesting this was a PR problem. I asked how long would it take for Customer Service to call me. He indicated that they were supposed to call back within one hour of the initial call. Well, it's been over four hours now and I have still not received a telephone call from Customer Service.

Husqvarna and Lowe's will be getting a call from me, letting them know how upset I am. I am to the point that they can come pick up the lawn mower and give me my money back. I would rather have had one of those mowers, you know the kind, the one that swivels around 360 degrees, anyway.

I apologize for being on a soapbox this morning, but repair people make me this way. Don't even ask about Satellite TV repairmen.

Putting it in repairmen terms, "I am in a RURAL AREA." Now I ask you, what has that really got to do with anything?

Monday, September 19, 2005

Oh Boy What a Toothache!

I woke up this morning with a horrible toothache. So I called and made an appointment with the dentist.

He took an x-ray of the tooth and said that he could not save it. I am to take anti-biotics for the next ten days and he gave me some pain killers.

He made me an appointment with an oral surgeon for next Thursday, the 29th to have it pulled.

Needless to say I have not had a very good day, but am doing better now since taking a pain pill. LOL

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Me and my Hubby!

Here is a picture of me and Eddie! Isn't he cute? We were having dinner at Red Lobster for my birthday. My daughter was there, as well as, Eddie's daughter and her husband.

I made the jewelry I am wearing. My daughter loves it when I make new jewelry. She thinks everything I make is for her. LOL!

Right now Eddie and I are listening to a Paul McCartney CD (Flaming Pie). We really like it. There are even a few love songs on the CD, so we just sit on the sofa together, holding hands, enjoying the music together.

It's a wonderful thing to be in love. I am glad I found someone to share my life with. We enjoy doing the same things, so we spend a lot of time together, when we are not working. It works for us. We miss my daughter who is living with her dad right now, but other than that, it is a perfect existence.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Working Overtime!

Today is Saturday, usually I sleep in late and have a leisurely breakfast with Eddie and just relax after the workweek, but not today.

Today I worked 8 hours of overtime. I can't complain, it's good money and an opportunity to catch up on some bills, but now I am home and I am glad to be here.

Eddie is watching Alabama college football and laughing at South Carolina's coach, Steve Spurrier, as he pitches a MAD because his team is losing. Go Bama! Roll Tide!

An aside...As I was driving home on I-65 South there were a lot of out of state cars on the road. Mostly LA and MS, but some GA and MO tags I guess headed to FL. My thought is the MS and LA cars were all over the road, driving fast, passing erratically, driving over the line, etc. I couldn't help but wonder what the problem was. I know that these displaced citizens have been through a lot, but does that mean they can break the law. I don't think so. I was almost side-swipped by a guy in a huge SUV from MS. I feel for all those who have lost their homes and don't have a place to go home to, but that should not allow some of them to take advantage of things as important as rules of the road.

Friday, September 16, 2005

The most beautiful girl in all the world!

I was asked by a friend to put a picture of my daughter and some of my pictures of my critters on my blog. This is a picture of my daughter and her (my) dog, Coconut.

I am very biased, but I believe my daughter to be very beautiful, but more than that she is beautiful inside too! God favored her in so many ways and I feel priviledged to be a part of her life.

She is kind, caring, and considerate, not to mention that she is evenly tempered, although, she can get riled up if she feels the cause is a worthwhile one.

I still cannot get over the fact that she has become a young woman and is not my little girl anymore. She knows that she will never quit being my sweetie pea, because she is the most beautiful girl in all the world.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Does everybody have a problem deciding what to have for supper like I do?

I guess I shouldn't be whining, because I was in such a quandry about what to make for supper tonight, it motivated Eddie into taking me out to dinner. Isn't that nice?

He said, "Since you are so perplexed about what to make with hamburger meat, just leave it frozen, and I will take you to Captain D's." He thinks I don't know that this is a ploy so he can taste the new chicken entree they have on their menu. The Captain D's commercials really seem to entice him, but when he suggested it, he didn't have to twist my arm either!

But you know what this means? Tomorrow night I will be in this same position of trying to figure out what to make for dinner.

Hey, I know Friday night sounds like a good night for some Spaghetti! In your mind just picture the movie, "Lady and the Tramp" when they shared a spaghetti dinner, under the moonlight, with romantic music in the background, and slurped up the same spaghetti noodle until they kissed. I know, now I have made all of you squemish about eating spaghetti ever again because it might make your mind conjure up a picture of me and Eddie kissing. LOL

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Another Ordinary Day

Good Morning to everyone! I am up and ready for work. I enjoy my three days working from home. Eddie has already been at work for about an hour or more, but then he likes to get up early.

I will be working overtime this weekend, so I will be driving more and using up more gas this week. Boy, will they ever get gas prices back down where we can afford them again?

I love ordinary days like these, it is cooler now in the mornings and I like going out to the gazebo and sitting with Eddie while he drinks his morning coffee. I am not a coffee person, so I drink a diet 7-up or some orange juice.

The dogs enjoy the cooler weather too! One at a time, I take them out of their pen, usually Peanut first, because he is the most whiney, and let them run around the hayfield. Coconut has to be second or she will give Peanut the devil waiting on her turn. Potter is my sweet little boy because he is so meek and mild tempered. I sit in the chair and let him climb up on my shoulder where he sneaks a little solitude from the other two wild ones.

Then there are the chickens, all but one are in a pen, but Henny Penny has the run of the yard. She harrasses the dogs trying to eat their food and then she follows Eddie around the rest of the day when she is not eating or laying an egg. We have an old grain sack that she climbs in to lay her egg. It is so funny watching the sack bob up and down and then hearing chicken sounds coming from the bag. As soon as she lays the egg, she starts cackling and comes flying out of the bag ninety to nothing.

In the afternoons, after I finish work, Eddie and I will go and sit at the edge of the hayfield, talking about nothing in particular (no need to). We just sit and watch the sunset and listen to the wind blow (very peaceful), and relax and unwind for the day. Then we come in and watch The Food Network and complete Fill-in Crossword puzzles. How is that for ordinary, bored yet? I'm not!

I believe that my ordinary days are nothing short of extraordinary!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My Mother's Birthday

September 13, 2002, my mom's last birthday. Posted by Picasa

Today would have been my mother's 73rd birthday. This post is in remembrance of her. She passed away on January 2, 2003 from small cell carcinoma of the left lung which spread to her liver.

My mother was the best mother any child could ever have, if you don't believe me, just ask one of my three brothers. She had the knack, and not all mother's have this knack, of making you feel like you were an only child.

She gave all of herself to make you feel like you were the most special person in the whole wide world, but then she could turn around and make the person standing just next to you feel that same way.

She was near and dear to me and I miss her tremendously each and every day, but especially on her special day.

Here's to you, Momma, I love you very much!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Getting started!

A friend turned me on to this site. I think it is great.

Now I'm ready to blog.

This seems to be a great way for my friends and relatives and people important to me to read about what's going on in my life on a day to day basis (if I remember to post everyday).

I have a few more things to do, to get my blog page ready, so I will be back soon with bloggins.