Thursday, September 15, 2005

Does everybody have a problem deciding what to have for supper like I do?

I guess I shouldn't be whining, because I was in such a quandry about what to make for supper tonight, it motivated Eddie into taking me out to dinner. Isn't that nice?

He said, "Since you are so perplexed about what to make with hamburger meat, just leave it frozen, and I will take you to Captain D's." He thinks I don't know that this is a ploy so he can taste the new chicken entree they have on their menu. The Captain D's commercials really seem to entice him, but when he suggested it, he didn't have to twist my arm either!

But you know what this means? Tomorrow night I will be in this same position of trying to figure out what to make for dinner.

Hey, I know Friday night sounds like a good night for some Spaghetti! In your mind just picture the movie, "Lady and the Tramp" when they shared a spaghetti dinner, under the moonlight, with romantic music in the background, and slurped up the same spaghetti noodle until they kissed. I know, now I have made all of you squemish about eating spaghetti ever again because it might make your mind conjure up a picture of me and Eddie kissing. LOL

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Shannon said... You know I love you, and all your yucky kissy kissy Will and I beat you and Eddie to the romantic spaghetti j/k.