Thursday, September 29, 2005

Whaddya know, the oral surgeon sent me home without taking out my tooth.

Dr. Ingalls first did a consult with me regarding my tooth. He examined the tooth and looked at x-rays. He said that since I was not hurting and the x-ray did not look all that alarming, he was going to hold off doing surgery, until he knows the tooth is in need of extracting.

He advised me to leave off the anti-biotic and to see if that would cause the infection and pain to return. He indicated that if I started to hurt again to contact him and he would work me in to have the tooth pulled.

So far, the experience with Dr. Ingalls has been like, dodging a bullet (whew!!!), but I don't know when the next shot will be fired. Stay tuned.

Asta la vista. baby.

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