Wednesday, September 21, 2005

It's Hot, but the weatherman says the heat (high pressure system) is the only thing keeping Hurricane Rita from heading our way.

It's hot!!! We haven't had any rain in weeks and my azaleas are drying up. The grass crunches under my feet and when I go outside it feels as if the air is on fire.
It's hard to breathe.

Thank God for this hot weather and the high pressure system sitting over the northern gulf coast. From what the weatherman said that is probably the only thing keeping Hurricane Rita headed for Texas and keeping it from making a beeline for my area.

It's already a Category 4 Major Hurricane and could become a Cat 5 before it reaches land on Friday or Saturday. I will be praying for the people along the coastline of Texas. I used to live in San Antonio, and have visited Corpus Christi and Houston. It would be another tragedy if this storm causes damage like Katrina did in MS and LA.

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