Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Well! Will wonders never cease! The lawnmower repairman has arrived!

This is the continuing saga in the story of the broken lawnmower. My machine is a prima-dona Husqvarna lawn tractor and I wish we had never purchased her in the first place. She doesn't ride very well and, for that matter, she has only been used three times since we bought her in March of this year. She has continuously broken down on us too easily.

We have had trouble with her from the beginning, but now that the repairman is here, maybe he will be able to fix her. I can only hope. Eddie is out there with the repairman right now, talking over the prospect of having to haul her in to the shop or the possibility that he can fix her on the spot. I believe the repairman will have to take her in. Maybe he will just keep her. I know I don't want her. Lowe's could just give me my money back and I would be satisfied.

Eddie just came in and said the repair guy will have to order a new transaxle, because the one being replaced was probably faulty right from the factory. Dosen't sound too good, does it? Well Husqvarna and Lowe's will have their reprieve for the day, but if the new transaxle does not ultimately fix her, there will be H-E-double hockey sticks to pay. We will just have to wait and see.

In other news, Eddie has started building the foundation for his shop in between finishing up a cabinet job and I am working from home today and tomorrow, then I will have oral surgery on Thursday. Eddie is going to take off to take me because they are putting me under anesthesia (and under the knife). Gee, that sounds a little bit scary. Please wish me luck that all goes well in that respect. I don't like dentists very much.

Even considering what lies ahead, I am in a somewhat laid back mood today which you might find rare (not on my soapbox today, LOL), and although I am relaxed and in no hurry to do much of anything, I do have to get my work done, so sayonara for now.

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