Saturday, September 17, 2005

Working Overtime!

Today is Saturday, usually I sleep in late and have a leisurely breakfast with Eddie and just relax after the workweek, but not today.

Today I worked 8 hours of overtime. I can't complain, it's good money and an opportunity to catch up on some bills, but now I am home and I am glad to be here.

Eddie is watching Alabama college football and laughing at South Carolina's coach, Steve Spurrier, as he pitches a MAD because his team is losing. Go Bama! Roll Tide!

An aside...As I was driving home on I-65 South there were a lot of out of state cars on the road. Mostly LA and MS, but some GA and MO tags I guess headed to FL. My thought is the MS and LA cars were all over the road, driving fast, passing erratically, driving over the line, etc. I couldn't help but wonder what the problem was. I know that these displaced citizens have been through a lot, but does that mean they can break the law. I don't think so. I was almost side-swipped by a guy in a huge SUV from MS. I feel for all those who have lost their homes and don't have a place to go home to, but that should not allow some of them to take advantage of things as important as rules of the road.

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