Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Another Ordinary Day

Good Morning to everyone! I am up and ready for work. I enjoy my three days working from home. Eddie has already been at work for about an hour or more, but then he likes to get up early.

I will be working overtime this weekend, so I will be driving more and using up more gas this week. Boy, will they ever get gas prices back down where we can afford them again?

I love ordinary days like these, it is cooler now in the mornings and I like going out to the gazebo and sitting with Eddie while he drinks his morning coffee. I am not a coffee person, so I drink a diet 7-up or some orange juice.

The dogs enjoy the cooler weather too! One at a time, I take them out of their pen, usually Peanut first, because he is the most whiney, and let them run around the hayfield. Coconut has to be second or she will give Peanut the devil waiting on her turn. Potter is my sweet little boy because he is so meek and mild tempered. I sit in the chair and let him climb up on my shoulder where he sneaks a little solitude from the other two wild ones.

Then there are the chickens, all but one are in a pen, but Henny Penny has the run of the yard. She harrasses the dogs trying to eat their food and then she follows Eddie around the rest of the day when she is not eating or laying an egg. We have an old grain sack that she climbs in to lay her egg. It is so funny watching the sack bob up and down and then hearing chicken sounds coming from the bag. As soon as she lays the egg, she starts cackling and comes flying out of the bag ninety to nothing.

In the afternoons, after I finish work, Eddie and I will go and sit at the edge of the hayfield, talking about nothing in particular (no need to). We just sit and watch the sunset and listen to the wind blow (very peaceful), and relax and unwind for the day. Then we come in and watch The Food Network and complete Fill-in Crossword puzzles. How is that for ordinary, bored yet? I'm not!

I believe that my ordinary days are nothing short of extraordinary!!!

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