Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Don't Get Me Started!

My husband and I bought a Husqvarna lawn tractor in March of this year. We used it twice and then one of the belts broke. First, it was a hassle to find the telephone number I should call in the manual. Then when I located the correct telephone number, it took forty forevers to speak to a person and not a voice recording. When I was finally connected to someone, she indicated that it would be seven days later before the replacement belt could be delivered and I would be out another $55.00, on top of the amount I had already spent on the mower. We didn't receive the replacement belt until four weeks later.

When the belt finally arrived, Eddie took time to replace the belt. He then used the mower one time and noticed that it had started leaking oil. Eddie told me that he thought there was something wrong with the crankshaft.

So I called and set up a repairman to come look at the mower. The repairman was supposed to have come today, but lo and behold, he had a personal emergency and was not available. (Maybe, he truly had a personal emergency, but then again, maybe he just wanted to lay off the job today.) Hence, the repair company called and wanted to reschedule for October 4th (that is their earliest date to reschedule). It seems because we are in a RURAL AREA, the repairman is only in the area once a week.

I asked the person calling why could I not be rescheduled for next week. He indicated that he was already booked for next week. I told him that I had called in and set up my appointment earlier than the people scheduled for next week and that my repair service should come before theirs (first come, first serve). I told the guy I was very upset and that I wanted someone out next week and that he should bump the people that had called in after I did for an appointment back one week, instead of putting me at the end of the line.

He stated he could not do that and that I would have to call a 1-800# to see if they could reschedule me sooner. Well, I'm sure you've heard this kind of story before, because inevitably, the 1-800# guy said the earliest appointment that he had available was October 4th (No Kidding)! I told him this was unacceptable. He said that he would have to get Customer Service to call me, since I was suggesting this was a PR problem. I asked how long would it take for Customer Service to call me. He indicated that they were supposed to call back within one hour of the initial call. Well, it's been over four hours now and I have still not received a telephone call from Customer Service.

Husqvarna and Lowe's will be getting a call from me, letting them know how upset I am. I am to the point that they can come pick up the lawn mower and give me my money back. I would rather have had one of those mowers, you know the kind, the one that swivels around 360 degrees, anyway.

I apologize for being on a soapbox this morning, but repair people make me this way. Don't even ask about Satellite TV repairmen.

Putting it in repairmen terms, "I am in a RURAL AREA." Now I ask you, what has that really got to do with anything?

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