Monday, September 26, 2005

Eddie and the Red Baron. I hope you didn't think I meant the pizza!

If I had to say what Eddie's true life's passion was I would say in all certainty it is building and flying RC and free flight airplanes. He has several models in the works, as well as, some of his dad's older models.

He has built and flown several since we got married, not to mention, that he has crashed a couple. We go out in the hayfield when it is not windy and fly them around a time or two. He had one crash-land on top of the gazebo, which took it out of commission, but he was able to save the engine. He told me that nowadays the engines are expensive.

If you looked in his model room you would see every size piece of balsa wood ever made. He has wheels and propellers and the like. It is a fun hobby for him.

He also likes to fish. Maybe I can catch a few pictures of him fishing to show you some other time.

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Renee said...

Great pics of Eddie. He looks like he is really enjoying himself with those planes.