Friday, September 30, 2005

I will be reading all weekend (when I am not watching Alabama beat Florida, South Carolina beat Auburn and Ole Miss beat Tennessee)

I thought I might get some scrappin' done this weekend, but my dear hubby reminded me that three (count 'em), three good college ball games will be on television tomorrow. Of course, I will be watching Alabama (ROLL TIDE!), but I am hoping that Spurrier beats Tubby and Ole Miss beats Tennessee. If I have to listen to Rocky Top one more time I am really gonna puke!

I went to Books-A-Million and purchased six books. I will be off work October 10th, hopefully I will not have read all of them by then. If I have any books left, that holiday will be spent reading and relaxing. I am really waiting on the new Dean Koontz book, but since he just published one last month, I think it will be December before the new one comes out. Sounds like a good Christmas present, doesn't it. I can't wait.

Maybe I can slip in some play time creating a couple of scrapbook pages, but I don't want to get too much going on this weekend, or it might start sounding to much like work, now wouldn't it.

Hope everyone is doing fine. Keep it real, folks!

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Renee said...

Roll Tide. I only got to watch parts of the Alabama game, but I am sure you caught it all (in between reading).