Monday, July 31, 2006

A swallow-tailed Kite (Hawk)

After Eddie's oral surgery this morning, we got home and I was at the computer when I heard this sound I had not heard before. We went outside to make sure the puppies and chickens were alright and heard the sound again. It sounded like a, "Klee, Klee, Klee." The sound was between the call of a seagull and kildee.

We saw a bird flying around in the air and then it lit in the tallest limb of one of our pecan trees. The bird was feeding it's babies. The bird was a swallow-tail Kite or hawk, whichever you want to call it. It has a white head and body with black wings and tail. They are prevalent in the south, mostly in LA and MS, and they migrate in September to South America. I guess they are in their mating season right now before heading further south for the winter.

I can't believe it, but I got a pretty good picture of the adult bird flying towards the nest. Here it is:

Pic's of Shannon...

While Shannon was down for the weekend, she asked if I would take some pictures of her for her blogpage and her boyfriend. So here is my photoshoot with my model daughter.

Sunday, July 30, 2006


What I mean by nothingness is I really have nothing pressing to do right now. Eddie is cutting grass, Shannon is still asleep, and I am vascillating between watching Blockbusters, blogging on the computer, and reading my current book, "Sandcastles," by Luann Rice.

Eddie and I got up early and started a roast with carrots and potatoes. We cooked home-grown butterbeans and peas yesterday and I will probably slice up a home-grown tomato or two and make some cornbread. I want Shannon to have a good home-cooked meal. Friday night I cooked spaghetti at her request and then last night we had Steak-Out. So she seems pretty food happy being down here for the weekend.

Shannon is in a relationship with Clayton right now and seems very smitten. When she comes down here, she seems to miss him greatly. Eddie and I, plus Ricky and Karen really like this guy. He has a job and is going to ITT Tech. He is smart and personable. He is cute and makes Shannon very happy. I have not liked anyone she has brought home before any better. We shall see where this leads...

I have made Shannon several pairs of earrings each time she comes down, so she should have enough to last her a long time. However, I made a pair yesterday that she liked a lot so she took them. I keep trying to come up with different styles and possibly sell them, but my inventory gets lifted when "someone" comes to visit. LOL I have sold a few items to some of the ladies at work.

I guess I will vascillate back over to my book for a while. LOL

See ya...

Random Thoughts (Poem)

My mind is racing

I'm so tired of chasing

These random thoughts running through my head

I might be better off if I didnt think at all

Then on deaf ears others words would not fall

I would actually listen to what they said

I could make sense of what was told to me

Maybe give some advice, solution or remedy

To their problems, not just mouthing words instead

If I was able to help others by listening instead of talking

I might not loaf around all day just staring or gawking

While chasing these random thoughts running through my head

Dreams (A Poem)

Vivid dreams weave their way inside my head

At night when I'm fast asleep in bed

Memories of the past drift in and out

While unseen monsters make me shout

Why do we dream in our sleep?

What thoughts lie in our subconcious deep

Only to emerge when our eyes close

When into that other place we doze

If we could live inside our dreams

Would Life be perfect? Or an endless scream?

Monday, July 24, 2006

More Pic's...

Pic's from the trip!

Travels, Travails, (family) Time and Tiredness

Saturday, I drove to my brother's house (Chris) in Northwest Alabama. It took me an hour longer than it should have because I had to drive through some torrential rain. All the cars that weren't stopped on the side of the road were traveling at approximately 10 to 15 miles per hour on the Interstate. You could hardly see the cars and road in front of you. That was very stressful. Then I had to make a detour and go by Shannon's and grab the presents that she had picked up for me for the two birthday kids. Shannon couldn't go with me because of a stomach virus. Everyone asked about her and missed seeing her. I didn't mention that the reason for my travels was my nephew Jackson's christening and celebration of my niece Lauryn's and my nephew Will's birthdays.

I left home at 1:00p.m. and didn't arrive at my destination until 5:30p.m. Then I held Jackson for a while and joked around with the other kids. We had supper, Michelle's sister Colleen made spaghetti and meatballs. It was delish! We played Cadoo and Disney Scene It, Lauryn and I were a team and we didn't win either game. Darn it! We did show good effort though and we were awfully good sports. LOL We all went to bed and then yesterday we all got ready for church and my brother Don and his family met us at the church for the christening. Jackson was so cute in his christening suit and he really is a very good baby.

Afterwards we all headed back to the house and had lunch (finger foods, croissant sandwiches, fruit tray, chips-n-dip, etc.). The kids played on the water slide and then it was time for birthday cake and presents. I think Lauryn and Will were excited with their DS games that we got them.

Thanks Shannon and Clayton for picking those up for me.

I then drove back home. I left Chris's at 3:00p.m. and got back home at approximately 6:10p.m. I think driving down hill (south) I made better time. LOL

I had a wonderful time, but I am tired, and so glad to be back home.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I am proud to be an American! The day after...

I am so full of BBQ, potato salad, and baked beans that I'll probably be whistling "Dixie" for a while. LOL I even bought a watermelon, but we forgot to cut it and eat it. It was better for all concerned, we were too full of everything else.

I found out that you can have a great 4th of July without setting off any fireworks. The state and county officials neither one legally declared our county to be a "no burn" area, but it has been so hot and the hayfield is so dry we were really afraid to mess with any fireworks this year. Nobody else in the neighborhood set off any that we know of.

We watched the fireworks on television, with the drums booming and the fifes (no, not Barney) trilling, our hearts expanded with pride and patriotism (not prejudice). And then we watched ECW wrestling (and everybody knows how patriotic that is)!

I wore red, white, and blue, Eddie had on blue, and we shared an awesome day. We were glad that the space shuttle launched on the 4th and only the mar of the N. Korean missle test firings dampened our spirits.

We picked peas and shelled them, we flew one of the RC airplanes and got eaten up by bugs (I hope not mosquitos)(I'm still itching). We played computer card games, watched "The Twilight Zone Marathon" and I read my book a little in between. I talked to Shannon by phone and everything seemed to be all right with her world, which made the day even better for me. I also talked to Eddie's brother, David, and we wished each other a "Happy 4th." I'm sure Jeannie, Chad and Brandon were having fun celebrating the day on the lake.

I meant to call my brothers to wish them a "Happy 4th," but I just didn't get around to picking up the phone and calling. As I get older, the days seem to go by faster, and I don't get to do all the things I think about doing. I remember Momma telling me those days would be coming. You know, I wonder if those last five months of Momma's life went slow or fast for her? After October, she pretty much stayed in the bed from Nov. through Dec. and most of Dec. she spent looking out the window at nothing it seemed, or at least nothing I could see. It seems every Holiday reminds me of Momma, oh heck, everyday and everything reminds me of my Momma. I hate it when I get melancholy. Oh, how I wish she were here.

But, I do hope everyone had a wonderful, safe, and Happy 4th of July!!!!!