Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I am proud to be an American! The day after...

I am so full of BBQ, potato salad, and baked beans that I'll probably be whistling "Dixie" for a while. LOL I even bought a watermelon, but we forgot to cut it and eat it. It was better for all concerned, we were too full of everything else.

I found out that you can have a great 4th of July without setting off any fireworks. The state and county officials neither one legally declared our county to be a "no burn" area, but it has been so hot and the hayfield is so dry we were really afraid to mess with any fireworks this year. Nobody else in the neighborhood set off any that we know of.

We watched the fireworks on television, with the drums booming and the fifes (no, not Barney) trilling, our hearts expanded with pride and patriotism (not prejudice). And then we watched ECW wrestling (and everybody knows how patriotic that is)!

I wore red, white, and blue, Eddie had on blue, and we shared an awesome day. We were glad that the space shuttle launched on the 4th and only the mar of the N. Korean missle test firings dampened our spirits.

We picked peas and shelled them, we flew one of the RC airplanes and got eaten up by bugs (I hope not mosquitos)(I'm still itching). We played computer card games, watched "The Twilight Zone Marathon" and I read my book a little in between. I talked to Shannon by phone and everything seemed to be all right with her world, which made the day even better for me. I also talked to Eddie's brother, David, and we wished each other a "Happy 4th." I'm sure Jeannie, Chad and Brandon were having fun celebrating the day on the lake.

I meant to call my brothers to wish them a "Happy 4th," but I just didn't get around to picking up the phone and calling. As I get older, the days seem to go by faster, and I don't get to do all the things I think about doing. I remember Momma telling me those days would be coming. You know, I wonder if those last five months of Momma's life went slow or fast for her? After October, she pretty much stayed in the bed from Nov. through Dec. and most of Dec. she spent looking out the window at nothing it seemed, or at least nothing I could see. It seems every Holiday reminds me of Momma, oh heck, everyday and everything reminds me of my Momma. I hate it when I get melancholy. Oh, how I wish she were here.

But, I do hope everyone had a wonderful, safe, and Happy 4th of July!!!!!

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Renee said...

Yea! An update! Just kidding. Glad you had a great 4th.