Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Fog is what I woke up to this morning

The past two mornings it has been very foggy. I guess that's appropriate since I live near a swamp. Looking out my back window, I could not see the hayfield for all the fog. The weatherman says it is to be foggy again tomorrow morning. I hope to wake up early and go take some pictures to post.

I think that the fog has also creeped in to my brain. I feel quite foggy, or as my daughter used to say, "froggy." I am sitting here, not reading, not watching the television, just vegging out. I feel just like I am in a fog.

In a minute, when I get through with my post, I have to go write bills, maybe that is what has put me in such a blah mood. I am still waiting on the weather to cool off. We have been having mid 80's, that's just too warm for mid October. Maybe when it finally cools off, I will then get more energetic and less "froggy."

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Shannon said...

Well, I always have been a little "froggy"