Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Nothing much happening around here

I worked from home today.

The guy who cuts the hay on our property was here today for the last time this year.

Eddie went to the Paulks to finish up on their cabinet job, because he will have to be here tomorrow when they deliver the concrete for the foundation of the shop.

A meat truck came by hoping to sell some steaks. He reported to have ribeyes $1.00/piece. I told him I did not want to buy any. Whoever heard of ribeyes for sale at $1.00/piece. If I had bought some, they would have either been too tough to eat or maybe they would have "mad cow disease." And I'm already too crazy as it is. LOL

Eddie almost ran over a cotton mouth (snake) on the way home. He backed up to see if it was dead. He said it was curled up and struck at the left front tire. We didn't do anything about it, because I don't think there is such a thing as anti-venom for Goodyears.

I guess I'll go watch The Food Network. We are having fish and chips tonight.

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Renee said...

Girl, you are nutty. Next time, tell Eddie to make sure he got the snake.