Monday, November 07, 2005

Our Netflix Movie DVD, "The Ring, Two" did not arrive

The picture is of the completed slab for the foundation of our shop.

Netflix reported they mailed it on Friday, the fourth and we should have received it on Saturday. I waited 'til today to see if it would come in the mail today, but it didn't. So I notified Netflix and they said they would promptly mail me a replacement. We couldn't have watched it tonight anyway, because this is "Surface" night. Because last Monday was Halloween, they showed three episodes of "Medium" instead of "Surface," "Vegas," and "Medium," so I have been craving the next episode all week. I even have Eddie hooked on the show. He does not watch regular television due to all the commercials, so for him to be watching this with commercials is HUGE! (I hope I spelled that right since I took the trouble to capitalize and bold it. LOL) It means he likes the show as much as I do and that is saying a lot.

I have to retract some of my rant from yesterday. The man did not actually steal the pecan picker upper, he left it under one of the trees by the big house, and just think I was ready to send him "up the river" to the "Big House." LOL I guess it is a small town with small town ways. I am just gonna have to "adjust."

Eddie and I both worked from home today, me at the computer and him outside "sawing logs," that's what I say he is doing when he is using the planer ripping down wood for a job. No he does not sleep on the job, he is a very conscientious worker hardly even stopping for breaks.

I will say goodnight now in preparation of my television show...

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Shannon said...

Well see...ain't that what we do...we always over analyze everything. I hope that your episodes of Surfacing were good. Love you!