Monday, November 28, 2005

This is my television night

Tonight "Surface" and "Medium" are both on, two of my favorite shows this season. I can't wait until 7:00p.m. If you have not seen "Surface", I would suggest you watch it. I have taped all episodes. We are gonna "Subway" it so we can spend our time watching the shows.

I wrapped some presents this afternoon after I got finished with work. I need to get some name tags before I forget which presents are for whom. I may make some on the computer.

My dear daughter called to tell me that there was severe weather in her neck of the woods. She said that her and Will saw a tornado on the way home from work. She has a very healthy fear of tornados, so I'm sure Will got the brunt of her phobia this afternoon.

Here we go 'round in circles...


Shannon said...

Thank you for sharing my "healthy fear" to the world. However, Will did get the brunt of it. I thought I was nearly going to have a panic attack on the way home when the weather service issued another tornado warning for Chilton County...not far from us. Will told me to close my eyes, so I did, and hummed the rest of the way back to the house. I think my "healthy fear" may be becoming "unhealthy".

Renee said...

Glad you got some stuff wrapped. Can you come and wrap my stuff up too? I may be shopping early this year, but I will still probably wait until the weekend before Christmas to wrap.