Saturday, November 05, 2005

A win, is a win, is a win!

ROLLLLLLLLL TIIIIIDE!!!!!!! A shut out it was (17-0). A great game for the offense it wasn't. Lost the Center to a leg fracture and Brodie looked a little confused, but the defense pulled us through. Way to go D-Fence!!!!! And as I was saying a win, is a win, is a win, no matter how you slice it. Alabama 9-0 for the season.

On another note, we are going out tonight to Outback to celebrate Eddie's daughter's birthday which is officially tomorrow, but we are celebrating tonight. So hopefully I will have some pictures. Eddie is drying his hair now and we will be leaving shortly.

I went and had my hair foiled and cut today. I think it looks nice, I will try to get a picture to post and show everybody.

That is all the news from LA (lower Alabama). TTFN WBL (Ta-Ta For Now Will Blog Later)...


Shannon said...

Hey Momma,

I got to see a pic of this new doo. Anyway, you haven't been on myspace...get on there. I sent you an important e-mail. Love you bunches! Happy Birthday to Jeanie!

Renee said...

Roll tide. Aren't you just having the most fun this season. It feels so good to be winning again. Hurry up and post the pics of your new doo.