Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I don't know if I am bored or just boring

I absolutely have nothing to blog.

Does that mean that I am bored with life or is it that I am just boring? We have picked up pecans everyday this week. I have wrapped almost all my Christmas gifts. I feel as if I am in a rut. A good rut, but a rut nonetheless.

The only thing exciting coming up is that my daughter is coming to visit this weekend for her birthday. She will be 20 on December 5th. That is not exciting to me at all. It makes me 20 years older than I was when she was born.

Eddie and I watch television every night or either read. The weather is not conducive to doing things outside so we are somewhat limited in what we can do. I check my e-mails and blog pages daily, but I still feel a little bit out of touch.

I hope I get out of this melancholy mood. I don't like feeling this way.

I need a little pick-me-up...


Renee said...

Sorry to hear that you are down in the dumps. You could always make a trip here. You will have to let me know if you decided to come though. As of Monday, I start another detail.

Shannon said...

Well, I have to turn 20 sometime. I won't be a little teenager anymore!