Sunday, November 27, 2005

What are rainy mornings good for?

Rainy mornings are good for sleeping-in late; having a leisurely breakfast of sausage, grits, and biscuits with your wonderful husband; talking with your only child by phone (since she is not living with me right now); and Christmas shopping online.

Oh what joy it is for me, getting all my shopping done while never stepping foot in a retail store or mall. That is an early Christmas present for me. I know I sound crazy, whoever heard of a woman who does not like to shop. Well I am that woman.

Other than getting a couple of gift cards at Home Depot, a $10 gift card from Blockbuster (for the "dirty" Santa gift game for work), and ordering a couple more things for my daughter on-line, I am finished with everything, except the wrapping.

Eddie is out in the shop finishing up on staining the corner cabinet. Then we are gonna start making the mantel for our fireplace. So I guess I had better go and see what he is up to.

Happy raindrops...

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Renee said...

Lucky you to be that close to finished. I am about 75% complete. I did a lot this weekend.