Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New additions to our menagerie...

A lady down the road wanted to get rid of some of her chickens and so we took two roosters and four hens. One Anacona rooster, one Rhode Island Red Rooster, three Rhode Island Red hens and a Bardrock hen.This is an Anacona Rooster. The lady had already named him Marshall and as I kind of like that name (it suits him), I will call him "Marshall" Dillon.
The other rooster (the Rhode Island Red) I am going to call him "Rocky" Balboa. The Rhode Island Red hens will be named "Rita" Hayworth, "Reese" Witherspoon, and "Renee" Zellweger and the Bardrock will be named "Amelia" Bedelia.
Here is a current photo of some of the quail. I haven't named any of them since all 57 of them have looked so much alike up until this past week. They have just now started showing their markings to define whether they are male and/or female. We are not going to keep very many of them, so I didn't want to name them and get too attached. I collectively call them "Bob" for Bob White Quail.

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Aleta said...

Ohhh!!! I love them! They are beautiful!! The other day I was driving to work, came to a red light and looked over. There is a park not far from my home and on the outside walls of the park, a bunch of roosters and hens were out there. I grabbed my purse and snapped a couple of shots from my camera. Don't know if it will be clear pictures though. Don't roosters have such beautiful colors?