Saturday, October 11, 2008

Even though...

Even though it's not cold outside (yet, I can only hope we get some colder weather)...we are making Pepper Pot Soup, Yum! ***On a side note, it is true that I stay cold all the time now and somewhat like the warmer temperatures, but I still would like to see a change with the seasons.***

Even though I am still experiencing headaches at an alarming rate and didn't sleep good again last night...I feel pretty good this morning all things considered.

Even though it's a little overcast I think we are going to tinker around outside today, picking peas, etc.

Even though my across the street neighbor and his cronies are still antagonizing and harassing us, I will not kowtow to his threats and act of bullying and I will go outside, I might carry a gun with me, but I will go outside!

Even though it may take some tweaking, I am going to finish my Halloween costume this weekend.

Even though Alabama is not playing today (they have a bye this weekend)...ROLL TIIIIIIDE!!!!!

Even though I ate the "heck" out of Italian (PASTA) food Thursday and Friday, I have lost a pound...will wonders never cease! But I'm afraid it might catch up with me tomorrow, Uh-oh.

Even though the television is always on (for Eddie)...I hardly ever watch it.

Even though I have five books to read that I haven't even started...I'm not really in the mood to read. Me, not really in the mood to read, I must be sick.

Even though I had breakfast already...I find myself hungry again at 10:15a.m. and that's not good.

Even though it's a long weekend for us Federal Gov't. workers...I am wishing I had all week off.

Even though I would like to add more "Even thoughs" I can't think of any right now. So I will go for now even though I don't want to.


Pat MacK said...

Sounds like you've got scary neighbours there Debbie. Do you really care a gun outside with you? It's a long weekend here in Canada too - Monday is Thanksgiving. We have ours in October because thanksgiving is a celebration of harvest and our harvest is all in already...we're knee deep in snow in November.

GingerJar said...

hummmmmmmmmm...we carry a pistol every time we go walking because down the road the people who don't speak English have pitt-bull's and they are not tied up...even though they should be...and last time they stalked us and I was scared spit-less. I also carry the pepper spray! Dave is the pistol papa and I don't want to kill anything...just stop it from hurting me.