Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bumming around...

After making my wonderful hubby a birthday breakfast of French Toast and Sausages, I cleaned the bathroom. I have washed and dryed a set of sheets and read some of my current book.

We are watching the Georgia/LSU college football game, GA just made a 50 yard field goal to make the score GA 24/LSU 17. That's nice for Alabama, sorry, but for me, everything in college football boils down to how it affects Alabama. Alabama plays TN tonight at 6:45p.m. and I am somewhat nervous since TN always plays hard against us. Hopefully we will come out ahead.

I ate lunch too fast and had a bout of the foamies and am now feeling somewhat bloated. Not a good feeling, what a bummer...

P.S. It's not a well known fact, but I haven't really kept it a hush-hush secret either, so I guess I can spill the beans to all of my bloggy friends! My daughter is expecting and will deliver near the end of March. Her due date is March 24th and she is expecting a boy. His name is Shawn. I would have thought she would have had a girl, cause that's what I'm used to, but she had to get all contrary on me as usual. LOL Ya'll can call me GRANDY! I cannot believe that I am soon to be a grandmother. I hope that I don't make anyone sick talking about my grandson until all of you turn "blue" in the face.


Tracy said...

My husband and I are so ready for the Bama game to come on. Sure hope it's a good game for us tonight. You should have heard me last week, my daughter was recording me with her cell phone, I'm telling you what, I can get into some Alabama games.

That's so sweet about your daughter having a baby. I'm sure there is no way you'll make people sick talking about your new grandson. Everyone just loves babies.
My daughter was just married back on Sept. 27th, I'm so ready for a grandbaby! :)

Aleta said...

*sigh* I wish LSU had won, but the team isn't strong this season.

Congrats on your daughter expecting a grandchild and don't worry about sharing too much about your grandchild ~ I love stories about children. I'm often times amazed at how parents handle situations.

Meaghan said...

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DysFUNctional Mom said...

We were rooting for GA today too, because of how it would effect the Gators! LOL We kicked but today, too, woohoo!
Foamies definitely suck! That's one of my biggest problems, eating too quickly.
Congrats on the grand-baby, how exciting! Talk about him all you want, girl! Or should I say, Grandy! =)

Pat MacK said...

Congratulations on the forthcoming grandson Debbie...they are the rewards of a long life. THere's nothing better than grandchildren. Believe me - I have 17 of them.