Thursday, October 23, 2008

My physical...The doctor said I am perfect, well almost!

My family physician was wowed by my weight loss. I had not been in to see him since 2006 and my weight at that last visit was 291. I weighed 174 on his scales today. I was a little bummed by that, but whatever.

He said my A1C was 3.5 (unheard of for me); BP 128/82; Cholesterol (HDL's and LDL's both) WNL; thyroid WNL (he could not palpate the goiter); lipids WNL; and triglycerides WNL!!! All blood work was great. He said I was not anemic. Nothing amiss except for my globulin (protein) levels which were at a depreciated level. I could have told him that due to my hair loss. He had them do another draw of blood today to check my B-12 levels. I am to start getting my B-12 shots through him. He changed me from Ambien to Lunesta. He said he was so proud of me. He agreed that if I get down to 165 and then have the tummy tuck (20 pound loss), that at 145 I would not to need to lose any more than that.

I am happy with his report, I was actually happy before the report, but you know what I mean.


Aleta said...

* HUGS * I'm so happy for you! You are an inspiration, you know.

manic mariah said...

Wow, that REALLY is awesome. and I am digging your new profile pic. You look good!