Monday, October 13, 2008

The "JOYS" of living in the country...NOT!!!

My dear husband was out cutting the grass and says come look and see what I found. I shouldn't have been fooled by his boyish charms and his sweet, singsong voice thinking about how much I love him and that he is an angel, because I believe he could just be the devil in disguise cause he was playing a horrible trick on me. He wanted me to come see the most horrid creature on the planet besides him. A SNAKE, yes that's what I said, A SNAKE, but NOOOOOOO, Not just any SNAKE, but a COPPERHEAD to be exact.

He scared me as I was carefully tip-toeing, easing myself out of the house, when he said, "OOOOPS I think the snake got out of the bucket and is up under your feet." Then he laughed a most maniacal, evil, twisted laugh at my expense when I seized up thinking I was having a heart attack at the thought of the SNAKE being anywhere within striking distance of me.

Then he wanted me to take pictures of the SNAKE so everybody would know that he actually caught a very venomous (poisonous) SNAKE. As I was getting ready to take the picture, the slimy, slick, forked-tongue, monster had to start moving around in the bucket, whereas I almost dropped my camera in on top of the *$%#&@*!#$ SNAKE trying to back up and get away.

After I came back in the house from the fright, then he killed the SNAKE, but not before I had to take the pictures, NOOOOO, he had to have it alive for the pics, only then after I had taken the pictures could he kill it. And you ask why he couldn't take the pictures, because he states he doesn't know how to use the gall-durn blasted contraption. I am going to teach him immediately how to handle my little digital shooter, before I have to contemplate actually shooting him (not with a camera, mind you).

Guess where my dear husband caught the thing, right next to the tomato plant bed that he makes ME pick tomatoes from, which is right next to the pea patch that he had me picking peas in yesterday. He tells me that this is a baby SNAKE, you know what that means, the momma SNAKE is not far away and there might be other baby SNAKES too!!!!

I am not a farm girl, I am not even a real country girl and I certainly am not the kind of girl that goes outside wanting to see SNAKES. So here are some pictures of the COPPERHEAD. If I have to look at the evil creature, then so do you!


Aleta said...

*SHIVERS***** The hair on my head is standing up straight. I cannot STAND to see snakes and if someone had played that joke on me, I might have dumped the bucket on the head of that said person! EWWWWWWWWWW.. I wouldn't be picking any tomatoes either now. I"m a city girl and can handle some country things - but NOT NOT NOT snakes!!

Kelly said...

thats a pretty good size. I would hate to see the momma.

Gail said...

Oh Debbie, I nearly passed out when I saw this picture. I was holding my grandson and he jumped and leaned back out of fear so fast he bumped his head on my chin (I know I will have a bruise tomorrow.) You know how much of a city girl I am. I guess that is why I stay inside most of the time. You be careful!!!! At least the weather is getting cooler so maybe they will crawl in a hole in your neighbors yard across the street. LOL

GingerJar said...

Definately not a copperhead...copper...color...not brown at all, I agree with the newer decision...definately a ground rattlesnake. Here we have diamond backs, copperheads, coral snakes (I haven't personally seen one yet and will promptly pee myself when I do) and water moccasins.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I could've done without the pictures!!! aaaaackkkkkkk

Tracy said...

Ughhhhhhhh! Scarey!!!!!!!