Saturday, October 04, 2008


Dreaming about helicopters fighting alien flying-fish in the skies over my head. Dreaming about the Rapture. Dreaming about my daughter and religion and Heaven. Souldn't have eaten that watermelon for supper last night. Dreams can be so scary, oh yeah, right, that would be a nightmare instead, not a dream. My dreams seem so real sometimes, but sometimes I dream in third person, for lack of a better term. I dream like I am watching a movie which I am the lead actress. Do you ever dream like that? I feel as if I could reach out and touch everyone in the dream, maybe I am just strange like that. Anyway, I have been befuddled this morning from all the activity in my brain overnight.

So I got on my elliptical and have walked four miles in 50 minutes before 8:30a.m. and that's after cooking breakfast, eating said breakfast, feeding the quail and chickens, and taking the dogs out. Whew!

Now what do I do for the rest of the day? Read, play on the computer, watch Alabama football, and dodge the angry stares of animosity emanating from some disgruntled and belligerent (in the wrong) neighborhood hoodlums (at least I am not dodging bullets, yet). Oh what a fun life I lead here in the backwoods southern Alabama countryside. Don't you wish you could live down here too?

Catch you on the flip side, cheezers! (I do love those pretzel flips, that's not what I meant though, but as soon as I typed it, those little buggers popped in my mind and now I am gonna have to go eat a couple, to get rid of the craving.) And after all that effort on the eliptical, it seems I may have to tackle another four miles this afternoon. Did you know that four miles = 485 calories burned (or so my machine sez!) I'll accept that!

Adios amigos! 'Til another day!

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Pat MacK said...

Sounds like your nights are more interesting than your days down there in "the backwoods southern Alabama countryside" ;) Does watermelon really induce nightmares? I've never liked the stuff myself.