Sunday, October 05, 2008

I cleaned out my refrigerator...

My goodness, I had no idea how many tortillas I had stock-piled in there, I'd say enough to feed a Mexican army.

Why in the world did I have two (I said two, mind ya) tubs of unopened out-of-date sugar free Cool Whip stashed way back in the back on the second shelf? What's up with that?

Lurking under the fruits and lettuce in the crisper was a pack of ham that had to be thrown away (being carefully lifted with one hand between my index finger and thumb and gingerly placed in the garbage sack, which was very quickly taken out of the house). I didn't know ham turned green (close in color to fish scales, yeccccch)!!!!!

Then there are the little space-saver tubs of leftovers that have been hiding in there way too long and the contents are now unidentifiable. I won't go into any further details, you get my drift.

Now tell me, just how many opened, half-used jars of pickle relish does one family need? The same goes with salsa and jelly? I need to be more frugal with food items now that the economy is the pits.

There are three packs of sugar free chocolate pudding left-over from right after my surgery last Nov. when I was in the soft food stage. I got really sick of pudding and apple sauce during that time. I took two of the unopened jars of applesauce to work and someone took them and I have heard of no reports of anyone getting sick and/or dying. So I guess I won't get my behiney sued.

The two jars of unopened baby food were just thrown away, even babies shouldn't have to eat that crap, no wonder they crap so much, you put crap in and you get crap back out.

Now I can open the refrigerator and see the back wall and find what I am looking for. I still have numerous bags of fat-free shredded and sliced cheeses, which I won't be able to use up within the next millennium, but at least that fake stuff won't go bad, heck you can't even nuke that stuff in the microwave, what is it really made out of? Same goes with the shaker bottle of Parmesan cheese, does that stuff ever go bad? It actually smells bad when you first buy it and open the bottle, so how do you know when it goes bad? I always throw it out when the date expires.

Speaking of refreshing your stock, don't even get me started on my spice cabinet. Emeril and Paula Deen would be horrified at how old some of my spices are. Some are what Eddie got from his dad's place after he died and may actually be older than me. LOL I don't use them of course, but I haven't thrown them out either, since they were his dad's. Why do we horde stuff like that? Eddie is worse than I am about being a pack rat, heaven help us.

The fruits and veggies get eaten up each week, so never a problem with the foods in the crisper (unless there is ham hidden underneath). I scoured the shelves, walls, drawers, and inside door and replaced all the keeper stuff.

So that leaves two tubs of butter, a carton of eggs, two gallons of milk, one carton of soy milk, a pitcher of decaffeinated Splenda tea, two boxes of pre-made pie crusts, a huge jar of peanut butter, numerous salad dressing bottles, and eight cans of (four-count) crescent rolls (Eddie loves his bread) to round out the rest of what is left in my fridge. 'Cause I know you were just dying to know.

I think we will now survive without getting salmonella or any other kind of food poisoning.

Next I will have to tackle the freezers. Beware! I'll tell you of my exploits. I will have to don a Parka (Perry/Byrd look-alike) to cross the frozen tundra of tater tots, TV dinners and Tilapia, not to mention all the frozen peas, squash, corn, etc. Please pray that I don't get frostbite.

I'm just cooling it today.


GingerJar said...

I know what you mean about taking on the fridge and freezer. I cleaned out the fridge last week, so Dave returned the favor and cleaned out the freezer and sorted everything. I love the frozen Pillsbury homemade biscuits. The best part is that you only cook how much you will eat. I cook two for Dave and one for me. I will eat all of a can of biscuits or die trying if I cook a whole can. This way, I get what I want and satisfy the craving before grazing kicks in.Oh, and when Dave and I got together, I cleaned his pantry would be amazed at how much I had to throw away that was out-dated in cans and packages. The govt. entities actually recommend that pancake batter mix be discarded if it has been opened for 3 months I think, because the powdered milk and eggs grow some kinda fungus that causes bad allergic reactions.

Thanks for the tip about the Lovenox shots. I actually can give them very well, we had a pharmacy rep come and teach us how to give them. If somebody gave you one in your thigh, they actually did not give it properly (you never give it in a muscle) is properly given by pinching up an inch or so of fat in the "love handles" of the abdomen, usually as far away from the umbilicus as possible. That way you miss most of the little blood vessels, given in adipose tissue it doesn't cause as much bruising and is less likely to cause bleeding and is best absorbed that way. Maybe you had a new nurse. I had a new grad that gave me a Lovenox injection in my deltoid (arm) which hurt for weeks, because it caused the muscle to knot up. Even when somebody has had abdominal surgery, we give the shot in the abdomen as far away from the incision as we can get.

Well guess I'll go and blog now. :)

Ronnica said...

I love the look of a cleaned-out fridge. The mess/filth is so unappetizing. Fortunately, I only have one roommate now (I used to have 2) and she's big into the use-everything-up kinda thing, so there isn't a lot in our fridge. It's so much easier to find things this way!

Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day last week. It was overwhelming and wonderful at the same time!