Monday, September 08, 2008

Who knew?

Who knew I looked just like Drew Barrymore? Funny, funny!

Which celebrity do you look most like?

I think my hubby looks most like Captain Kangaroo. He is my sexy Captain Kangaroo. Well, at least he doesn't look like Captain Crunch.


Gail said...

The dad of a friend of mine never called me by my name he always called me Holly because he thought I looked just like Holly Dunn. He died 3 years ago so I looked a little different. I see the resemblence in both of you. I loved Captain Kangaroo. I woke up and watched him while I ate my bowl of Captain Crunch. Huh, seems I love Captains.

FarmGirl said...

Too funny! My hubby is definately Larry the Cable guy, just a little taller! And I used to be told that JLo is who I looked like....that was of course when I was at my prime....I now look like a bloated JLo...with big BIG boobs!! Mine "extra cushion" goes to the top, not the bottom!! lol

Oh, and I loved Captain Kangaroo!!