Sunday, September 21, 2008

Past the Age of Reason...Ole' Coots and Geezers

Went to the grocery store yesterday after work and was standing in the check out line with steaks. A guy with looks which crossed between James Coburn and Jason Robards, not real greatlooking, but not too ugly, was in line behind me. He asked me when will the steaks be ready so he'll know when to come over. I told him as soon as my husband gets them ready. That didn't phase him at all. He then gets his ATM card out of his wallet and leans in real close and whispers, this here card will take you and I anywhere you want to go. I asked, anywhere? He said anywhere you want to go. I said I don't think you would want to go where I want to go. He said he would go anywhere I wanted to go. By that time the cashier was doubled over laughing at the antics of this masher. I said the only place I want to go is straight into the arms of my loving husband, but that they wouldn't feel so loving with the very large fists at the end of them pummelling you about the face. He said you don't understand I became a millionaire just a little less than 20 days ago. I ended the coversation with Bully for you!

I cannot imagine that this man thought that money talks. Well I have news for him Money may talk, but not pillow talk and especially not for me. He was actually trying to see if he could talk him some up. I was amazed at the gall this man had in the middle of a grocery store check out line.

I guess I have waited too late in life to lose my extra weight and now that I have the only guys hitting on me are 50 or above and really just creep me out. Where are the young hunks, why aren't they around to flirt? Not that I want one, but it would be nice to be flirted with. I am now past the age of reason and only attract ole' coots and geezers.


Aleta said...

So he's a millionaire. But a sad millionaire that he would hit on someone who is married. A millionaire who has no respect for a woman's love to her husband. I'm glad your cashier got the giggles from this and hey, it's a compliment to you and you know what's important in life. As you said, "Money may talk (for him) but not pillow talk."

Gail said...

Well, join the crowd. I thought I was the only one that was a magnet for ole' coots, geezers, and dirty ole' men. The younger ones just call me "maam."