Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Which of the Five Senses are You? I am the Sense of Touch!

You are the Sense of Touch

You are a highly sensitive and easily moved person.

You love to get as close to other people as possible.

Human connection is very important to you.

You are also likely to be an animal lover who loves animals as much as humans.

In fact, you like almost anything soft!

You have expensive taste in clothes and furniture. It's all about the fabric.


Aleta said...

I liked that! I'm a "touch" person too.

Ritch in Love said...

I am SOOOO addicted to these quizes! (By the way, I did win the stamp! I was really excited!! I'll post pictures when it comes!)

GingerJar said...

I'm definately a touchy feely person!!!

Gail said...

I am a hugger, I hug everyone so I am a the sense of touch also. The only part of this description is the expensive taste in clothes. You and I are alike in loving a good bargain and it doesn't have anything to do with expensive taste. Wouldn't you agree?

Gail said...

Oh, by the way I forgot to mention the part about being an animal lover. I love most animals but dogs. You know how scared I am of them considering I tried to sit atop your head when one came at the two of us when we were young.LOL
Luv ya!