Saturday, September 06, 2008

Speed Demon

I got a speed warning this afternoon.

A woman from Indiana who did not know where she was going (she was obviously lost), came off the interstate ramp in front of me. She was on the cell phone and going about 10 miles an hour. She sat at the stop sign at the end of the interstate ramp for what seemed like an eternity and then decided to turn the same way I was going (how typical, just my luck).

I thought she was just going over the overpass and turn back onto the interstate, but no, I'm not that lucky. She goes less than 1/2 mile and stops dead in the middle of the two lane road, by that time I am furious, throwing my hands up in the air, and I speed around her gunning the engine to let her know how mad I am.

As I am driving up the road I notice a car flying up behind Indiana and around her and then he turns his lights and siren on coming right for me. The State Trooper had been sitting in the driveway of a stockyard (why wasn't he on the interstate catching some of the speeders headed back to Louisiana, that had been flying up my a** earlier), but anyways, he stops me and says, "I clocked you going 68 in a 55. Is there any reason why you should be in such a hurry?"

I answered, "Certainly sir, if you were sitting in the Stockyard parking lot then you saw that Indiana was going only 35 in a 55 and then stopped dead in the road in front of me. I got irritated and punched it to get around her to get home." He asked to see my drivers license and proof of insurance.

Now wouldn't you know I didn't have my current insurance card on me, just the latest expired one. He took those back to his vehicle to check and see if I was a felon or whatever. He came back with a warning speeding ticket and a ticket for expired insurance. In a few days if I call in and send them my current proof of insurance, I will not be charged a fine.

If he had given me a speeding ticket, I probably would have went to court to argue my case. That is so irresponsible of Indiana to be on the phone and stop in the middle of the road, but Mr. ST stops me to give me a ticket because I'm the one being reckless.

I just need to slow my horses down. Speed demon rides again.


Pat MacK said...

I feel your frustration Debbie. Why didn't ST ticket Indiana for impeding traffic? I have a heavy foot when driving but have been pretty lucky so far. I get irritated with drivers like Indiana though and don't blame you a bit for charging past her.

Aleta said...

(Whoops, hopefully I wasn't one of the Louisianans speeding back to get home, but probably not. We got home a day earlier that what was allowed back for the general public.) I agree with you that the State Trooper should have given her a ticket as well for stopping in the middle of the road! I read an article not long ago about anger and driving and how our emotions are hard on the pedal. Road Rage... it's a real thing!

Ritch in Love said...

I completely Get You! My word! Some people are in their own world and have very little consideration for those around them. (Believe me, I'm a flight attendant...I think I've almost seen everything!)


GRR! That would've annoyed me, too.

gingela5 said...

That is so frustrating! I would have been madder than mad if that happened to me!

GingerJar said...

Annoyed and feeling your pain. Here the drivers cannot read the speed signs or any other they drive like their still in Mexico...after all it's a Mexico plate...or was that an Indiana plate from a Winter Texan??? LOL.