Sunday, September 07, 2008

Another lazy Sunday

I swept off the deck. I cut my two dog's hair and was going to wash them, but that will have to wait for another day. I went to Wal-Mart and poked around with Eddie in the store for a while. We bought a couple of things and then came home. We watched "Untraceable" with Diane Lane. She is such a good actress. I love to watch her and my favorite is "Must Love Dogs" and "Lonesome Dove," but this is a good one too, in my opinion any way. I was yelling (rooting) for her at the end. I took pictures of the hummingbirds. I read some of my current book. I played Solitaire on the computer. I surfed the Internet and blogged. I took a long nice hot shower and am feeling down right comfy in my oversized big flouncy mexican style peasant dress. Wouldn't you like to get a gander of me in that? Not going to happen, thank you very much! I am going to make grilled hamburger patties and salad for supper. Then I will turn in and hopefully get a good night's rest. All in all, a really nice lazy Sunday.



We had a nice lazy Sunday, too.
I loved Untraceable!

Aleta said...

Sunday was a "clean it up day" - got all of the cloths washed and put away from when we evacuated from Gustav... hey, at least they'll be ready if we need to run from Ike.

I'd love to see the pictures you took of the hummingbirds. Aren't they amazing? I used to have 2 hummers visiting my front yard flowers last year.

Amanda K said...

What a wonderful lazy day! I wish I had more of these in my life! Thanks for leaving me a comment! It is always fun to meet new friends around blogland!

Kelly said...

Sounds like my kind of weekend!
By the way I thought "POMPS" might have meant pompous ass? If thats not right, I'm curious! ;)