Saturday, August 16, 2008

My day

We woke up to rain and thunder this morning (at 4:00a.m.), boy did the weatherman sure get it wrong, seems he always does these days. Anyway, I enjoyed the rain and sound of thunder, except for the fact I could not cuddle back up under the "kivers" and snooze, cause I had to go work me some over time. Eddie said the change in weather made his back and hips hurt worse than usual. Speaking of weather, I hope Ms. Fay (tropical storm/hurricane) does not cause any severe damage to the Southeast, but I will definitely be praying that she brings some much needed/appreciated, beneficial rain.

After eight hours of sweat and toil working myself to the bone, NOT!, unless you count typing my fingers down to the nubbins and having to use my noggin for thinking up verbiage to espouse regarding my cases, I finally finished and hurried home. My 'ole thinker is not what it used to be and I still have much too much meat on this here body to wear the sticks down to the marrow, at least not yet.

Since arriving at the home place, I have been vacillating between playing on the 'puter, reading my book, talking with Eddie, and watching television (a movie starring Rutger Hauer entitled "Blind Fury"). Much easier and more enjoyable than working, I have to admit.

Eddie made a roast (stew) in the crockpot. A roast with onion soup mix, onions, mushrooms, corn, potatoes, and tomatoes, wow doesn't that sound heavenly. Yummy tastings coming my way, it smells so good, I can't wait to dig in! I'll let you know how good it is.

I hope Eddie is not trying to fatten me back up.

Played with the puppy dogs this afternoon for a short little while and watched the captive quail we are raising as a hobby (we hope to sell later on as there is a good market for hunters in the area) run around the coop. Absolutely funny birds to watch.

We should be plenty full with the good eats and then I will sleep like a baby (Ambien induced) that is.



That does look yummy!

renee said...

Love the new banner. Don't work too hard getting all the overtime. ;)

Jennifer Miller said...

Hi! I saw you at eggface's blog and wanted to steal a peak at yours. I just wanted to say that you have the most beautiful porcelain skin I've ever seen. And your lip color is to die for! Congrats on your success so far! I just had surgery on 8/11. :)

GingerJar said...

Hey girl, thanks for the comment on my blogg. You know sometimes it helps to get the hurt out of the heart so you can let go of the feelings with your head.

You are looking great!!!!