Monday, August 04, 2008

Flower fotos...

Tiger lily
Confederate Rose
Confederate Rose (alternate shot)
Crepe Myrtle (watermelon color)
My lovely bird bath surrounded by strawberry plants (I hope to have fist-sized strawberries next February)


Susan said...

beautiful flowers...I love the confederate rose...can't get it to grow in Florida.
Susan Waters

renee said...

I see I have you hooked on flowers too. I may actually plant some when we move!


Gorgeous pictures! When we moved into our current home, we found strawberries growing in the back yard. But some wildlife got to them before we did. =)

DCY said...

Eddie corrected me, the first photo is not a tiger lily, it is a regular canna lily. Now you all know that it is Eddie's flowers and I just take the photos. LOL