Monday, August 11, 2008

Debbie needs...

Debbie needs a saddle. (First, my good man, I require a horse.)
Debbie needs to look behind her. (I wander in the past way too much as it is.)
Debbie needs prayer. (More than just one, I’m afraid.)
Debbie needs a man. (Wrong Debbie, I already have one.)
Debbie needs a second guitarist. (Cause I shot the first one for playing jazz.)
Debbie needs sleep. (Because I did not sleep last night.)
Debbie needs a good slap. (Or pat on the back.)
Debbie needs cash. (And lots of it.)
Debbie needs a built in bench for her kitchen. (I don’t need a built in bench for the kitchen, but I would love for Eddie to build me the dining room booth he has been promising me for years now.)
Debbie needs your vote. (Of confidence.)


GingerJar said...

Debbie has my vote...of confidence!

Darla said...

You have my vote and a big HUG!!!

Insane Mama said...

So funny what google says... I like the giant red flower up top!