Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Insurance Adjuster and the Quail Tale

Mr. Insurance Adjuster called at 9:00p.m. last night to say that he would be here Thursday between 9:00 and 10:00a.m. I will be at work, but Eddie will be here to show him everything.

Our wood laminate dining room floor is buckling up and swelling. The dining room ceiling is still dripping oohey gooey pasty goo. The fireplace has dried up, but who ever heard of a fireplace turning into a waterfall. Too funny! Eddie still thinks the tree slamming into the back of the house caused it to be "off plumb." The house is leaning forward just a little due to the weight of the tree, but the longer the tree sits there the house may not bounce back. Wonder what damage that's doing to the foundation? Wonder what the insurance company will pay for that?

I can wish that they would pay us a check on the spot to total the house. Not gonna happen, but I can wish. We would pay off the house and move elsewhere, but as I said it's not gonna happen.
On another note, one of our 60-70 sum odd quail bloodied his beak yesterday and we took him out from the rest of the covey and placed him in a cage by himself for the night. A coyote or a dog or something tried to get the poor little thing through the cage and drug him and the cage halfway across the yard. We had it covered up and several heavy boards on top to keep it covered, but the predator tore all that off, trying to dig in to get the little peeper (probably scared him witless, it would have me). Luckily he is okay. He seems a little shaken up, his feathers are ruffled, but hopefully he will survive. We have had several to belly up since Eddie had to go get them from a man down the road on Saturday during the middle of the storm, just because the man got a wild hair up his nose that he didn't want them anymore. Don't that beat all that in the middle of the pouring rain Eddie had to gather up 80 or so quail and bunch them in a small brooder to bring them to our house. The little things had never been out in the weather before so of course it was a major shock to get rained on and cold. That's why so many didn't make it. I am somewhat irritated that the neighbor couldn't have waited until the storm was over and we had a decent place to house the birds. Eddie has (in between rain showers) been putting one inch chicken netting around the lean to at the side of the storage shed to make a quail coop. He will still have to purchase some material to make them a flight run eventually, if we plan to do right by the little birdies. They sure are cute. I haven't named the quail, I just call all of them "Little Bit." And no (for those of you who are wondering), I, personally, will never eat them. A friend of mine said they taste just like dark meat chicken, but I don't like dark meat, so that makes it a non-issue in my book. I couldn't eat my chickens that I raised either, so there!! Rascal, Granny, and Henny Penny were all safe with me. I miss those birds.


Kelly said...

Gosh I hate that about your house. I hope everything gets straightened out. We had some tornadoes touch down here( Upstate South Carolina) because of Fay's leftovers. I think thats the first time in my life I didn't want leftovers! the way I tagged you! Check out my blog to see what I mean!

velta said...

Your story about the quail had me so tickled...Poor Eddie!!! As for you house...I really am so sorry about the whole thing...but I will pray that you get the best deal from the insurance peeps :)

Pat MacK said...

Good luck with the quail and the house, not necessarily in that order. My daughter has quail running wild through her yard in BC.

GingerJar said...

Eddie reminds me of my Ex...Don...the bird man. Oh My God...rain nor hail nor dark of night could keep him from a feathered friend in need.

If the quail are just wet...pop them in your incubator to dry. They will be the proper heat, no hypothermia...and you can take them out the next harm.

If they have gotten not use any kind of soap on will kill is a toxin to their system...merely wash them in LUKEWARM water...then pop them in the incubator to dry. This even works for baby ostriches, emus, and others baby or small birds. A heat light is a must...even if it is warm, so they can dry and fluff!!!!! The man probably panicked and thought he couldn't take care of them and ride out a storm.

What can I say ... I had quail and 250 baby chickens in my house...AND NO WALLS for two weeks in the winter!!!!! Maybe I should write a book....LOL.