Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I am in disbelief...

The store where we go buy our steaks, Kelley's Grocery, was robbed today about 4:00p.m. this afternoon. The owner, Charles and his helper, Pat, were shot point blank and both killed. The owner's momma was shot at as she ran back to her house next door. She had been sitting out front in a gazebo as she does most days. Supposedly, Charles handed them the cash register and then the perpetrators shot them. Why does this type stuff have to happen? It is so unnecessary. The grapevine said it was three black males with dreadlocks in a white truck with maroon stripes that did the dastardly deed. I am still in shock about this. We were just in there the other day talking to Charles. He was such a friendly, nice guy. His wife and mother and the rest of the family did not deserve this. His helper, Pat's family did not deserve this either. I wonder if the robbers were from this area. Eddie and I have said there is a lot of drug related instances going on the area lately. Why are they coming down here to do their business? Is it because our sheriff and his deputies turn a blind eye to the goings on? Somebody is going to have to get smart about this. I am in such disbelief that they killed somebody at my back door.


Insane Mama said...

People are disgusting, WHY? When there is much more serious stuff going on? Why take out total innocent people trying to make a living. I'm sorry. I know that in a small's worse.

GingerJar said...

WEll I worked in the prison system for 13 years. I was an officer, worked in medical, and worked in the school. Why do these things happen.

1. Life has no meaning to society anymore....

2. The 3 strike rule. If they are repeat offenders, and get caught a 3rd's go to jail and NEVER get chance for parole. (easier to kill witnesses)

3. Gangster mentality. Show the home-boy's what they can do.

So Sad. Pat probably never thought that somebody would want to rob him. He probably didn't make much after overhead. He probably thought that being in a small shop in the neighborhood would make him less of a target.

I want to cry for the family that is left.....It is so sad.

Why do "those" people target your neighborhood....well, maybe because of the misperception of "safety"...Not necessarily that the cops turn a blind eye...but probably less real coverage in your area (low crime....less officers), the fact that there is fewer crimes (don't look as suspcious going into the store)...chance of getting caught in the act (zero), and then they go back to their neiborhood...lose the vehicle..and they look like everybody else.

end of story.

Jennifer Miller said...

I am so sorry to hear this... It makes me extremely said to see this sort of thing happening. It makes no sense. I hope your town can bounce back from this and become stronger and I certainly hope your justice system steps up!

Gail said...

My heart breaks for the family members that are still alive. I'm sure they can't make sense out of such a horrible crime because no one but the robbers can. How is the grandmother that ran next door to her house? I'm sure she is still scared. This is such a tragedy and sadly enough we are hearing more and more of it happening. If you hear of any way we can help out the grandmother please let me know. My grandmother never watched the news. She told me that she would be having such a wonderful day then she would see crimes and wars on T.V. and it would scare and depress her so she decided to prepare dinner during the 5 and 6 o'clock news. She stayed vibrant and happy every day until she died.
Luv ya,