Monday, June 09, 2008

What Next?

It's way too hot! We need some rain. Hopefully some is on the way. Does anyone know how to do a rain dance?

Gas prices hit $4.00/gallon in my closest local town. I am thankful and blessed that I work from home three days a week since my home is approximately 40 miles from work. The government needs to put a cap on oil prices. Does anyone know how to do a song and dance?

Now they are pulling tomatoes off store shelves and restaurant menus. It is said we shouldn't eat some kinds of raw tomatoes. It is a good thing I grow my own and the government can't tell me I can't eat them. Does anyone know how to do a happy dance?

All I can say is, what's next? Sheesh!!!! I think I'll, "do a little dance..."


Renee said...

Hi girlie! Yes it is hot. I actually wore flip flops in to work. I took another pair of shoes for my hearings, but my feet were too hot to stay in them all day.

GingerJar said...

Somebody in the midwest has the raindance thing down...they are getting record floods. Millions...of acres of farmland underwater....somebody shut off the faucet and send the sprinkler this-a-way! LOL.