Sunday, June 15, 2008

Not doing too much today...

I gave Eddie his Father's Day DVD (Saw IV) to go with the other three in his collection and a small box of Whoppers, his favorite. He had to go ahead and make a face about me giving him a mooshy-gooshy card instead of a funny card. Then he made fun of me by saying, "Why did you give me a present? I'm not your father! So in honor of him not being my Dad, here is a pic of my dear hubby for Father's Day.

Shannon called and left a message for her "Big Daddy," but we haven't heard from Jeannie yet.

I made Eddie some sausage, eggs and toast for breakfast and then he had left-over home-made s'ghetti for lunch. We are having a home-grown, home-cooked vegetable plate for supper.

We watched "On Golden Pond," which is (in my opinion) a great Father's Day type movie, but now Eddie is watching some Zombie movie on the Sci-Fi channel. That is his idea of a great Father's Day movie.

I think I will go and play with some of my scrapbook stuff, maybe make a scrapbook page of my dad. Below is a pic of my Dad BBQ'ing on the grill at 1616, one of his favorite things to do.

So maybe I am doing something today, but not too much, I hope.


insane mama said...

Happy Father's Day! To your man!
Sorry I made you cry with my poem, I didn't mean to :)
I'm sorry for the passing of your dad

insane mama said...

I will be in Georgia for a week is that anywhere near you? I will be at Lake Blueridge, if it's not too far I would love to say HI in person. You can email me at