Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Can you tell...

Can you tell that I am totally enamored of my husband's green thumb and garden as well as everything else about him.

I have been loving all the fresh vegetables that he has grown. We have canned 72 quarts of string beans; 39 pints of tomatoes with another batch ready to go; and 12 quarts of squash. We have had several mess of okra and "squishes" (squash).

Sorry I haven't captured pics of everything, but I personally have enjoyed each and every food item.

I have tried to entice my daughter to come down and partake of the tasty, abundant cornucopia, but the gas prices and work are keeping her away. SIGH! I am missing her.

Thank you, God for the many wonderful blessings you have provided me in this life. I am so blessed.

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