Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hair loss as opposed to weight loss

I have hit a stall and cannot seem to come off this 192 pounds. I know I am exercising more and YADA YADA YADA "muscle weighs more than fat" BLAH BLAH BLAH, but I am mostly in a snit about the way my hair is falling out.

I went and bought some Nioxin shampoo for thinning hair (for old people's hair (I think it actually says that on the box, LOL) which was recommended by my hairdresser). I am taking the Biotin and Pre-Natal vitamins. I am eating protein. However, my hair is still coming out by handfuls and I fear that I am gonna have to go down to the big house and dig out momma's (cancer) wigs and start wearing them.

I dread it, I certainly do because that will make my head sweat with all this heat we have been having and probably just make me lose more hair. You know how thinning hair guys go bald when they wear a cap. So what can I do about it? Not a diddly darn thing.

The doctor says it is normal for some people to lose a good bit of hair after GBS. The top of my head is starting to show through. I am trying to do the comb over thing (Donald Trump, you have nothing on me), so as to make it look a little fuller. But the hair loss is also making the hair thinner and it is lying flatter to my head, so I look like I have a pin head.

I haven't really taken any pictures lately because I don't particularly like the way I look and Eddie doesn't like to take pictures of me anyway. It is hard to get him to take any pictures, but especially of me. I guess because he knows I will post them on my blog or myspace or somewhere for all the world to see.

It seems as if I woke up in a bad mood this morning or something like that.

Maybe I can start saving the hair that is falling out and make my own wig. How long do you think that would take. I should have started sooner. How much hair is down the drain and in the garbage? My bad.

Does anyone have any suggestions? And don't say I should just shoot myself cause I have already thought of that. LOL


insane mama said...

about the hair loss, it could just be stress. Have you tried Yoga?
It helped me a lot with stress, other than that, continue with the protein

GingerJar said...

Did the doc do a thyroid function test. Hair loss is a symptom of a thyroid problem. Sometimes weight loss causes the thyroid to get all out of kilter. If the thyroid is out-of-wack it can also stall the weight loss process....just a suggestion.