Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What a difference a day makes

Last night I felt as if a MAC truck had run over me, but I feel better today. Don't know if it was a "spell" or what, just felt "plain tuckered out." I am ready to feel better and I do to most extent and purposes.

I am excited and apprehensive about the upcoming baby "Tea." I am joyful about having my first grandson. I am happy that we will celebrate with Shannon on Shawn's upcoming arrival, but I am worried we won't have enough food, etc. That is always a worry for me, but we always have double enough. I guess what I am wanting is Shannon to have such a good turn out of people that we will run out of food. Yeah, that's what I am worried about. Hope she gets a gazillion presents that are just what she needs.

I am going to go wrap some more presents and attend to last minute details. See ya later.


Pat MacK said...

Have fun at your baby tea. Hope there's a good turnout and plenty of food for all.

Lynda said...

A baby tea... sounds so sophisticated!