Friday, January 02, 2009

Sad Anniversary Day

Six years ago today my dear momma passed away. I had an okay day, but every now and again throughout the day thoughts of her drifted into my mind which made me sigh. I miss her. She was a wonderful person. Everybody loved her. She was larger than life to me. She made my life full. There is a hole left in my life that can't be filled. I have God, I have my husband, I have my daughter, I will soon have my grandson, I have the rest of my wonderful family, but I don't have my mother anymore and I miss her. Do you ever get over it? I don't think I ever will. I miss her everyday, but I miss her today as I remember her love and her smile.


Tracey said...

Hi Debbie, Your post touched a chord with me, I too have lost my mother.

The dilema we are faced with is how to remember them without the pain of greif accompanying those memories.

Of course, time is the great healer, and over time I have been able to delve deeper into my memory bank of moments in time spent with my mother and really enjoy the experience of remembering our time together.

I don't think the missing them will ever go away, but that means that the memories we have of them will be with us forever as well.


Tracy said...

What a touching post and what a beautiful picture. I'm so sorry ... I know it has to be so hard. I posted a blog today on my page about my grandmother, I lost her 13 years ago New Years day ... I am telling you, I don't think I'll ever get over it or it'll ever get easier. I miss her so much. I am lucky that I still have my mother but I'm telling you my grandmother was such a big part of my life.

Ok, now to another subject, this Alabama ballgame. Girl have you ever seen anything like it?!?!? Alabama looked like they were lost as a goose in the first quarter.
Molly and I figured out what the problem was. My hubby has Alabama boxers he has worn all season each game day, well today he didn't wear them. The beginning on 2nd quarter we realized that when we saw them laying on the laundry pile I hadn't put up yet. Sooooo you should see me now, I have his boxers pulled on over my pj pants, LOL! Hey though, since I've put them on Alabama has finally got a touchdown! WooooHooooo......
haha ......

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Oh my - she is beautiful. Nothing quite fills the heart like a mom. Over from SITS, you were above me in my comment and thought I would come say hi. :)

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

And....OH MY... I just saw your before picture and your profile pic. CONGRATULATIONS!! That's amazing!!!!!