Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blah Sunday!

I finished "The Road." Good book. If I start describing it, I might give some of the plot away, so I will just say I recommend it.

I googled books today cause I still have about $70 dollars of Christmas BAMM gift cards left to spend. Wow that is a great gift that keeps on giving.

I went to the store and took a nap. It is chilly and cloudy down here and that makes for a dreary, sleepy Sunday.

We watched Hancock last night and I just have to say it was really not what I was expecting it to be. What did you think about it?

What are you doing this January Sunday?


Tracy said...

Back in the summer we went to Gu-win to the Drive-in theater and saw Hancock, we weren't too impressed with it either.

kalea_kane said...

You know...I totally did not get all warm and fuzzy over Hancock. Honestly I liked it until they got into Charlize Theron (that aspect of it did not seem necessary I thought the movie was going fine without it).