Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Well, it was inevitable, I got the New Year's Crud!

I'm slogged down, clogged up, and blogged sideways.

I don't even remember what day it is. My head feels like it's stuffed with cotton. Oh, wait a minute, I remember now, I put some cotton balls in my ears cause they were hurting, No Wonder!

I am sneezing and sniffling. Don't really know if it is a cold or a sinus infection, but I am running a low grade fever with chills and sick to my stomach from drainage.

I hate this stuff. I got a flu shot, but that doesn't seem to help. I usually come down with this the same time every year. Several people at work have been sickly and I can only assume I got it from one of them.

I have on my jammies with a box of tissues under my arm. I am slathered with Vicks, sucking on a Hall's (sugar-free) cough lozenge, cotton sticking out of my ears and toting a small garbage pail with me in case I barf. Is that a colorful enough description for you to get the idea of what kind of agony I am in?

Eddie's doctor called this morning and my voice is so deep from laryngitis that he thought I was Eddie. Excuse me, but I am not male, even though my voice currently is as deep as a man's.

I am hoping this goes away pretty darn quick.


Tracy said...

Awwwwwww sure hope you're feeling better real soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Debbie

Try putting on Vicks Rub on your feet and put socks on them.
I have heard this really work better than rubbing it all over you. Hope you getting feeling better soon.
We have a baby shower coming up soon.
Love ya

Amanda K said...

Oh you poor thing! Something has been going around and around since everyone I know has felt a little "green" this year. I hope you feel better soon!

Kelly said...

Aww...I hope you start feeling better soon!

FarmGirl said...

Hiya, stranger!! So sorry you are feeling so ucky!!! THinking of you and sending good health wishes your way!!