Saturday, July 05, 2008

Random pics

Two of me. I think I look kinda rough. I hope I don't continue this trend as I get thinner. I guess I am just vain. I made the earrings I have on to match my blouse, in case you are one of the few who didn't know I do that sort of thing.

A couple of the Mandavilla (Eddie's 4th of July present to me). Look at the water droplets on the second pic, ahhhhh!

Fledgling purple martins (learning to fly) resting in the pecan tree above our house. We think they are getting ready to fly south. They usually do in early July.

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Insane Mama said...

You are loking great! and I love that you make your own jewelry, that's cool! I have Mandavilas on my porch, I think I may have too much sun on them but so far growing really well